10 Vegan Celebrities and Why They Became Vegan

The vegan diet will come to the forefront of culture with a lot of vegan celebrities. Many factors assistance their diet improvements, these as picking out to not support animal cruelty. Yet another reason is due to the fact of their well being and appears, a large situation for superstars who are in tv and movies.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres – each Ellen DeGeneres and her partner, Portia de Rossi, are vegans for the reason that of their enjoy for animals. When they noticed a documentary on caged animals, Ellen DeGeneres said it was an uncomplicated final decision for them to quit consuming meat and dairy products.
  2. Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson has not long ago gone to the vegan diet plan, slimming down in the method, whilst also paying several hours in the fitness center to construct up his strength. His reasoning was to take out “drama” from his daily life and turn into a greater person by the vegan diet’s rewards. https://lipo-sculpt.co.uk/diastasis-recti-treatment/
  3. Demi Moore – for any person who understands Demi Moore it should really come as no surprise she is a vegan. What is a shock is the reality she is one particular of the stars who is now section of the new raw vegan foods movement that is entering mainstream America.
  4. Robin Williams – an additional well-liked movie star who is aspect of the new raw vegan food items motion is Robin Williams. Just lately obtaining coronary heart surgical procedure, likely vegan is aspect of striving to prevent even further coronary heart assaults and being wholesome.
  5. Alicia Silverstone – Alicia has been quoted as stating “Going vegan is the single ideal thing I’ve accomplished in my existence. I am so a great deal happier and a lot more self-assured. I made a final decision based on my moral beliefs.”
  6. Sandra Oh – one of the prime doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh is also a vegan and has promoted this eating plan with her co-stars by using them out to a 100% cruelty cost-free lunch at the “Accurate Vegan” in Hollywood. She feels it is a life-style, not a nutritional alternative.
  7. Woody Harrelson – when Woody Harrelson went on his vegan food plan, he noticed an maximize in vitality and in a balanced glow to his pores and skin. His food plan integrated uncooked beans, nuts, and veggies. When he was a teenager, he had awful pores and skin problems and gave up dairy merchandise at the suggestion of a close friend. From then on his health and skin improved.
  8. Joaquin Phoenix – a vegan actor who played Johnny Hard cash in “Strolling the Line,” His sister Summer months is married to Casey Affleck (Ben’s young brother) who is also vegan and is planning on opening a vegan restaurant in L.A.
  9. KD Lang – a famous singer, KD Lang, was dealt with violently with bomb threats and burning photographs of her on her mother’s lawn when she went on a meat no cost diet regime. “Who would have considered people today who slaughter cattle with their bare fingers could be violent?”
  10. Tobey Maguire – Tobey has been meat no cost given that 1992. When he had to bulk up for his part in Spiderman, he bought his protein by consuming tons of tofu.
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